Common Questions

Can Xirsix 12-volt LTO batteries be used in any 12-volt system?


For Single 12-volt Batteries (Automotive / Marine):

Simply remove your existing 12-volt battery and replace it with your Xirsix LTO 12-volt battery.

For Multiple 12-volt Batteries (Golf carts, RV power, off-grid, solar setups):

Do not mix Xirsix LTO batteries with other types of batteries. For example, in a golf cart with 3 12-volt batteries, all 3 batteries will need to be replaced with 3 Xirsix LTO 12-volt batteries.

Do I need a special battery charger to charge Xirsix batteries?


Xirsix batteries were specifically engineered to be compatible with almost all 12-volt charging systems.

This allows you to replace any lead acid batteries with Xirsix batteries without any additional upfront costs!

How quickly can Xirsix batteries be charged?

In short, with an optimal charger, Xirsix batteries can be completely charged in less than 10 minutes without damage.

The longer explanation is that it depends on the charger you use. Most lead-acid battery chargers output very little current - far less than a Xirsix battery can handle. This means that if you do not use a specialized charger, your Xirsix battery's charge rate will depend on the charger being used.

However, our 40 Ah capacity battery can safely handle a sustained charge rate of up to 250 A without damage.

We are looking into selling specialized chargers in the future.

What are the safety risks with Xirsix LTO batteries?

Unlike other lithium battery chemistries, lithium-titanium oxide (LTO) batteries are extremely resistant to fire and thermal runaway. Since their creation, there has not been a single recorded instance of an LTO battery fire. They can be punctured or ruptured while in use and will remain stable.

However, like all batteries, the risk of electric shock is still present and all safety precautions while working with batteries should be followed.

Never short-circuit the battery.

How do I ensure the longest possible life for my Xirsix LTO battery?

While Xirsix LTO batteries outlast other lithium chemistries by decades of time and multiples of charge cycles, excessive heat will slowly damage their capacity and lifespans.

The single most important factor in keeping your battery in good health is to keep it cool. Ideally, the battery should be kept below 130 F. However, even at temperatures up to 165 F, Xirsix batteries will still far outlast other battery chemistries.